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SmartMaaS: A Framework for Smart Manufacturing-as-a-Service

In this paper a Smart Manufacturing-as-a-Service (SmartMaaS) framework has been introduced which can deliver efficient products at optimal cost. SmartMaaS can take smart actions such as negotiating with manufacturing centres (e.g. 3D printers) with respect to their availability, turnaround time, manufacturing cost, etc.2019Barbhuiya S.PDF
Tables from Design Gene

Design Gene Representations for Emergent Innovative Design

Looking to nature for inspiration, this work presents an alternative bottom-up engineering design system, which allows unpredicted-but-valuable designs to emerge with few constraints. This paper will outline the design gene representations and a simple-but-powerful growth strategy for the emergence of innovative designs in engineering. 2019Zhang, W.PDF
Four Tiers of Growth

Bio-Inspired Growth: Introducing Emergence into Computational

Laying out a four-tiered structure of rules for design, inspired by nature's growth principles, which is intended to introduce emergence into a computational design system. This growth is then demonstrated through 2D models grown using these stochastic rules.2019Kyle S.PDF