Mark graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Computation. He would later return to QUB to undertake his PhD in the School of Mechanical Engineering.

In these early years, Mark honed his skillset by gaining invaluable experience at companies such as Short Brothers (now Bombardier Aerospace) and FEGS Ltd (now Transcendata Europe).

With a desire to teach at his alma mater, Mark returned to QUB to lecture on aircraft structures, building a strong repertoire of work and methods in the analysis and design automation for airframes. His accomplishments were recognised when he was awarded the Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for his work on friction stir welding in airframe design.

Since returning to QUB, he has published over 200 articles, supervised 25 PhDs, obtained substantial grants from major national and international collaborative programmes, as well as holding the roles of Head of Teaching for Aeronautical Engineering and Head of the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering for four years.

He has been involved in many national and international advisory bodies, including the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Astronautics Aircraft Design Technical Committee, and is currently a member of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team for Manufacturing the Future.

Mark holds guest professorships in Chongqing and Tianjin Universities in China.