• Tropism

    Tropism is the term used to describe the response, normally orientation and growth, of a plant towards or away from a stimulus. There exist many types of tropism in nature, including: • Gravitropism – Reorientation of angle of growth relative to gravity • Phototropism – Bending growth toward light stimulus • Hydrotropism – growth or […]

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  • Design Genes – What is a design gene?

    A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. U.S. National Library of Medicine Genes consist of coding and non-coding regions that provide instructions to the cells during the development of the organism. Small variations in the genes can affect how an organism grows and develops. Genes can be passed down from generation […]

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  • Design genes direct development of design

    A design emerges from a seed consisting of design genes by following a development strategy influenced by the environment. As far as possible, the design must emerge rather than its formation being tightly controlled with predictable solutions. Fig. 1 illustrates that a design develops from a simple set of design genes and is represented as […]

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