• SmartMaaS: Smart Manufacturing as a Service

    SmartMaaS: Meeting Customer Requirements Quality product: responsive product manufacturing, co-operative decision making through actors Rapid turnaround time: distributed computing, negotiatingwith manufactures with respect to turnaround time Low cost: negotiating with manufactures with respect to cost Innovative design: using Blind Watchmaker design algorithms SmartMaaS Protoype Parallel & Distributed Processing: deployment of growth pattern code through Apache Spark – Faster processing, 2x faster when running 3 […]

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  • Design genes direct development of design

    Design genes direct development of design

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  • Directing growth in the Blind Watchmaker

    Imelda Friel “By reimagining design as a series of elemental rules and growth mechanisms that react to stimuli and the environment, the design of complex systems could be simplified and unknowable behaviour could be used as a tool for innovation. Blind Watchmaker is investigating the theoretical aspects of this approach and the practical implications of […]

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